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The Mark of Moses

Why Readers Can't Put Down The Mark of Moses


You'll be up all night to finish this fast-paced, page-turner which is set in a relevant part of the world.

This book gives you a glimpse into a land and people you should and will want to know more about, with characters you'll root for and a plot that pulls you in.


Traumatized, Tattooed, and Trailed

The Mark of Moses starts with a bang, literally, when archaeologist, Mariam, is caught in the cross-fire at a dig in the Syrian desert.

She is given a coded message from the dying caretaker and a protective tattoo is applied by the village elders, who tell her that she is the chosen Secret Keeper.

She flees danger with a private military contractor, whose motives are suspicious.

At every turn, someone is on their trail. All the while, she searches for clues to solve the mysterious secret she's guarding.

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